Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rollin' With The Homeyz

Like many parents, I definitely do not think my kids need one more toy. And if they are going to get something new to play with I'd rather it be educational or something they can be creative with. This past weekend we had the opportunity to check out the very awesome Ridemakerz (think Build-A-Bear but with cars .)

Kids of all ages (this includes adults!) - boys and girls- will love showing their personality by personalizing and building their own car. Customized to be exactly their own and one-of-a kind every step of the way.

Upon entering the store you choose the body of the car you want to make. It could be a small hot rod or monster truck. So many to choose from and some start as low as $12!

Next you'll choose what sound you'd like it to make, the tires and rims, and then put it all together while you get TIMED just like a real pit crew. (And I just learned all this jargon while we are there so if I am totally getting the wording wrong, stick with me!) By the way, I did it under a minute while babywearing thankyouverymuch!

After you've got your car all put together (you can even make it remote controlled if you want!) then you can pick out decals and accessories. Check in at a computer at the end to make your license plate and finish up with all your deets.

Every step of the way is an adventure. MY favorite part was also my boys' favorite part- where you just let them go and the Ridemakerz specialists assist the kids with putting their vehicles together while making it tons of fun. The whole place is a party!

You can hear all about it from my boys in the video below. It's too cute- you must watch.

You can definitely make some awesome cars in any price range. This Friday - you know, the biggest shopping day of the year- Ridemakerz is offering a free radio control upgrade, worth $25!

Win! I've got a $75 Ridemakerz gift card to give away here! Use it at a Ridemakerz location near you OR jump online and create your own without leaving the house! Just leave a comment letting me know the ride you'd chooze! Let the kids get it on it, too- the Ridemakerz website has lots of fun stuff to play around with!

Contest has ended! I LOVE it when random.org chooses a low number! It was comment number 3! Erin from School Teacher By Day, Superhero By Night!

One entry per person and open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen at random after 11:59 PM Wednesday December 3.

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