Friday, May 2, 2008

I Left My Heart In Disney (And My Black Sweater, Too)

This week's Destination Disney is about planning your trip and since the Mom Blogger Mixer was my first time there, ever, I don't know what I have to offer. But I can share what I've learned and what I'll do when I do get to plan our family's first trip to Disney World.

Check the Disney Calendar for the best time to go and if anything special is planned that my family might want to participate in. Hello, Star Wars Weekends.

Utilize the Walt Disney World Moms Panel.

Consider what our food arrangements will be and get a pre-paid dining plan pass at discounted cost or book a room with a kitchenette so we can have meals in our room. Or both.

Make a list of what to pack and pack that list so I won't forget anything when we leave to go home. Like I did with my favorite black sweater... somewhere in my Beach Club Resort hotel room I'm sure. Sticks out bottom lip.

View gorgeous photos Disney took of us Moms here and view our group flickr photos here.


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Great title. Did you call the hotel? They will send it to you if they found it.

I have never done less planning or left with less sense of bearing than on that trip. I just followed along and enjoyed every minute of doing so.

oh amanda said...

I've been to Star Wars weekend...let me say, even if you're not a fan, it's pretty cool. Storm Troopers at the front gate...they had it covered!

BethGo said...

Buy the Unofficial Guide to DisneyWorld it is essential for going with your family.
Also something that really helped us on our trip was booking our hotel room at the concierge level.
Not kidding here.
Our room overlooked the Magic Kingdom so we saw the fireworks from our balcony every night.
And it was a quick walk to the park every day.
And most importantly, there is this table in front of the elevator on the concierge floor that is full of food all the time. Free continental breakfast as well as snacks and sodas during the day and at night there is hors d'voevres and uncrustables for the kids as well as an excellent selection of wine and drinks. And desserts from the gourmet restaurant upstairs. And it's all included in the price of your room. We saved so much money in the long run. And we felt so pampered. It was worth every penny.