Monday, April 21, 2008

A Disney Thank You

Sunday morning we had a Character Breakfast at Cape May's in the Beach Club Resort, where we were staying. I had been eyeing the waffles from the pictures in our elevator all weekend. So I had a Mickey waffle with butter and syrup- delish. The buffet there was humongous and I figured I'd balance out the waffles with some steamed asparagus- Mmm! And then one biscuit & gravy. I think I ended up unbalanced after all.

Amy P and I pose with Dale. Aren't we cute.

After breakfast we take a group photo in the courtyard and are soon off to tour family suites at the All Stars Resort.

Front row: Kim, Darcie, Tracey, Elizabeth, Amy P, Amy M
Middle: Kris & Charles, Jo-Lynne, Lori, Jennifer D, Erin, Gabrielle
Back: Cooper, Jennifer J, Mia, Me, Mary Beth, Christine

After the tour, our time in the magical World of Disney was coming to an end. Many Moms hugged and parted ways- off to explore the parks and ride more rides. Some head to the pool. Darcie & I went straight to Downtown Disney and got last minute souvenirs for our little ones at home. (Hello, Lego Store.) We had bbq chicken quesadillas (or quesadilly-yas as we heard one person say) at Wolfgang Puck Express.

Quickly we hurried back to our hotel to catch the Magical Express to the airport. Kim & Charles, Darcie, and I rode together. We parted ways and it was so bittersweet to say goodbye to these new friends, but so good to head back home where we belong.

Here's the list of the fabulous women I am so blessed to now have in my life:

Amy of
The Lady Bug And Her Blogging Mama & Mums The Wurd!
Amy of
Christine of Boston Mamas

Cooper of The Motherhood & Been There
Darcie of The Walt Disney World Moms Panel & Such The Spot
Elizabeth of Table For Five
Erin of Manic Mommies
Gabrielle of Design Mom
Jennifer of Snapshot & 5 Minutes For Mom
Jennifer of The Mom Salon
Jo-Lynne of Musings Of A Housewife
Kim of The Walt Disney World Moms Panel & Stop A Moment
Kris of Clever Parents
Lori Seaborg of Just Pure Lovely
Mary Beth of Cheaper By The Half Dozen
Mia Cronan of Main Street Mom

Tracey of Suburban Diva

And huge thanks to Maria Bailey of BSM Media for thinking of me and going to bat for us Moms. She makes it her mission to
have the Mom voice of influence be heard loud and clear! Her relationship with Disney is the reason I was there.

The Disney family was more than accommodating and such a pleasure to spend the weekend with! Thank you Michelle & Joyce and all the other amazing Disney Cast Members that made this trip a dream.


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! I'm excited to hear about all the special treatment you had. A once in a lifetime type thing. How fun!

Nell said...

Sounds fabulous! Great photos...your bump looks so much smaller to me in these pictures!

:--) Nell

Naomi said...

You don't even look pregnant in that pink tee!

Can't wait to hear more...

Darcie said...

Three things:
1. You had a waffle. I had three waffles smoothered in berry compote. Only I'm not carrying a bean in my bump. And I second your DELISH! I think the waffle batter had cinnamon which made it extra yum-o!

2. Yes. You and Amy and Dale were too cute!

3. Definitely bittersweet saying goodbye. Thanks for all the smiles this weekend :) and for being my cameraman for the how-to video.

You rock Steph!

Drea said...

u all look like u had a great time. love the green shirt. u look 2 cute w/ the baby bump

Amy said...

We are super-cute with Dale. And the waffles were delish. And the absolutely ridiculous amount of food I ate all weekend, more than any human should be allowed in a 48 hour period. :)

cooper said...

It was so great to meet you Steph!

You are wonderful! I can't wait for our reunion!!! : )

xo Cooper