Friday, April 18, 2008

On My Way

It's 8:51 am and I'm waiting for my 10:41 flight. The quiet time is welcomed and I have a book, magazines, and $7 turkey sandwich to keep me company. I resisted the Starbucks crumb cake... I'm definitely not vegan today.

10:15 I board my plane and I realize any flight going to Orlando is going to have kids...

About hour or so later the drink carts are coming and I'm chatting it up with the gal across the aisle. We realize later that we're going to the same hotel- it's Elizabeth from Table For Five!

Trip goes much quicker as we gab the entire rest of the way.

2:15 Orlando time, we land and are greeted by Sean, Disney's VIP tour guide. He gets my bags and drives us to the beautiful Beach Club Resort- wow.

Check in and receive a pink rose and goodies including fast track park tickets,media passes, and other fancy things I don't know what we'll use for yet!

4 pm Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife) has showered but her hair dryer is broke! So she comes over and dries her hair- our first in person meeting She's just as I imagined all along- after she dries her hair of course! We go down to the lobby and meet & greet with the Disney people and other bloggers. I think there are 18 of us in all and everyone is beautiful and charming and we talk about blogging every breath
we take !!

4:30 -in VIP gazebo with hors d'ouerves and lots of talking MommyBloggers. Soon we all feel lke we've known each other forever. We later
walk over to Epcot through a back entrance and dine in Italy. Amazing. Ensalata Mista with citrus vinaigrette is my appetizer and Canneloni
Al Forno with spinach and brechanel is my entree- divine. My table sits Kris and her baby Charles from CleverParents, Gabrielle (Design Mom), Jennifer from Snapshot & 5 Minutes For Mom, Jen from Long Island Parent, Cooper from The Motherhood, Lori from Just So
Lovely, and Jennifer from Mom Salon.

Desserts come at the insistence of the chef- I took a picture. Mmmmm.....


Nell said...

Oh it sounds just so lovely and delightful, Steph. I won't deny, I wish I were there with you all.

:--) Nell

To Think is to Create said...

Yes, I definitely wish I was there, getting to meet all those incredible women. Sounds so special, and like you all are being treated like royalty. Is this what it's like being a celebrity?

You so deserve this, hope today continues to be just as amazing!

Naomi said...

aww, I want to come and hang out, too!

have fun, everyone. can't wait to hear all about it.

Glass Half Full said...

Oh I can't wait to see pics!!


PS I read "Beach Club Resort" twice! =) HA!