Saturday, April 19, 2008

What A Night!

Last night after dinner we walked through Epcot to a roped off area on the water - drinks and fabulous desserts awaited us- the coffee was fantastic complete with cream, flavorings, and a rock candy swizzle stick! It was very dark and soon the fireworks show began. We had front row seats. Such an experience.

I need to take a moment and just say how incredibly awesome the other Mom bloggers are here. I can sit next to someone new each time and we just connect. One thing that stands out is the fact that most of us have 3 or more children. It's so great to be around people that DON'T look at you crazy for having four kids. And every single woman is beautiful inside and out.

After the fireworks we chose to stay for the "magic hours" and walked to the big Epcot ball where we rode the ride ( I forget the name but it was about journey through time.) I rode with Jo-Lynne and we had so much fun. Soon we were headed. Back to our hotel.

Late, thoughts from the day spinning in my head I indulge in a hot bubble bath around 11:30pm. I snuggled into bed and fell fast asleep.

6 am wake up and I chill in bed for almost an hour! I just realized there is a tv in my room. I haven't turned it on and don't plan to.

7:30 breakfast at Ariel's and we chat for about an hour with Amy of the Walt Disney World Mom Blogger Panel. She answers a zillionquestions that we think Moms want to know about Disney- like vacationing here on a budget ( did you know some of their resorts are under $100?) and healthy food options, Disney's commitment to "green" and the environment (something very important to Walt Disney
himself)- I can't wait to share about all I've learned!

9 am we're in a private bus to the Magic Kingdom. I see the castle- beautiful. Professional group shot and fun photos taken on the lawn.
I help Kris learn to nurse little Charles in the sling. He is a DOLL by the way. Darcie (WDW Mom blogger panelist), Jo-Lynne and I go shopping on main street.
We meet up with the group and are on our way to Hollywood Studios. Lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby. I share a delicious mixed
greens salad with Kris and order a BBQ chicken w/ flatbread & romaine, green goddesss dressing.... Mmmm!


Glass Half Full said...

Hotel peace -- BLISS!


New Mama's Nest said...

Sounds AMAZING! So glad you're having such a great time!

Stacey said...

It's so fun to be able to read about your trip while you're experiencing it!

Jakes Sister said...
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Nell said...

It sounds heavenly!


To Think is to Create said...

I'm so impressed with how much they are spoiling you guys. This is the way it should be, but doesn't always happen. Love it! :)

Drea said...

sounds like such fun. maybe on the next free blogger trip ill get to go. I think that be just amazing to do.

allie said...

So fun! I'm getting the Disney bug just reading about my fave places! I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for work (and fun) but it's no Disney! Alfredo's is awesome (I'm assuming that's where you had dinner) and be sure to go to Beaches and Cream! btw- wasn't the Emporium on Main Street the craziest wonderful store? Oh and did you make it to the Villain store at MGM? Okay I'll stop, keep having a blast!

Just Pure Lovely said...

You're so right about the multiple-kids thing. It really was nice to have everyone be okay with my 4, and not only that, they have 4 or 5 or 6! Nobody was saying "do you want me to tell you how that happens?" this weekend! :)